Club News – 4th Apr 2022

Hi Everyone,

Friday Club Night
– Delighted to see another good attendance on Friday night.
– The range of ages and abilities is certainly proving a challenge for the coaches at our club night sessions.
– The coaches welcome that challenge of having players enthusiastic and keen to learn new skills.
– While Keith, Chris and Robbie worked with the younger squad on Bat skills games, Thomas supported Lucy, Cameron and Eva on Butterfly Skills programme.
– I took the senior squad to hopefully improve their understanding of the game. 🤔
– A warm welcome to new members Kirill and Ivan who have decided to join our club..

EKTTC Committee Monday 28th March 8pm
– Many thanks to everyone for attending our quarterly meeting.
– At the meeting we welcomed new members Achint (Club Captain ) and Kirsty (Parent Rep)
– We continue to work at developing our club in these challenging times.
– Despite some setbacks the club committee still remains focused on achieving it’s goals.
– If you think you could be of help let me know.

Friday Club Night Cancelled 15th April
– Please note our club night will be cancelled on Friday 15th April

EK Community Sports Hub – Area Based – Funding and Support
– We are delighted to have received funding from EK Community Sports Hub of £500 which is the first part of a total of £900 with the remainder to come soon.
– This funding is to help the club support initiatives we have already started with local primary schools, encouraging female participation and NHS referral.
– In all of these areas, we will continue to explore different ways of working within our community to achieve these goals.
– Many thanks to Gavin Maclure (EKCSH) for his support with funding.

Bribar Table Tennis
– I’m an agent for Bribar Table Tennis who supply an extensive range of TT equipment and clothing etc.
– If you would like to try one of our trial bats let me know.
– View the Bribar Catalogue

Win more points with better ball placement

Thanks for your support,


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