Club News – 14th November 2020

Hi Everyone,

EKTTC Session 4 Tuesday 17th November 2020
– Looking forward to another session with our club players on Tuesday night from 7pm.
– Topic this week will be on Serve and Serve Return and what can we learn from watching video’s of the games involving our top player’s.
– We will send out a Zoom link on Monday.

EKTTC – UWS Student Placement
– Welcome to UWS students Ross and Nathan who have agreed to a placement with our club.
– Ross is studying Sports Development and Nathan, Sports Coaching courses at UWS – they will work with our club coaches to review our club structure.
– The students have committed themselves over the next 4/5 months to assist us as best they can in putting new ideas in place for coming year’s
– At some point in the future we hope they can join us at the club to explain how things are progressing.

Club Fees
– Just a reminder to our club members who are still paying club fees,that we are very grateful that you continue to support the club.
– However we would understand if you stopped paying. At present we have no idea when we are likely to return.

Liam Pitchford British No.1
– Watch Liam in action – some great games and rallies on links below.
– Liam Pitchford v Felipe Olivares Champions League 2019/20
– Tomokazu Harimoto v Liam Pitchford 2019 Team World Championships
– Dimitrij Ovtcharov v Liam Pitchford Swedish Open 2018
– Sunday Table Tennis Live – good listen as Liam’s explains how he has got to where he is and what he is up to next.

Thanks for your support


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